Working for equity

We Choose Product Quality and Economic Sustainability


Independance is the corrolary of Liberty. Our role is to work with our partners with equity and equality.


We are proud to offer you the very best products, produced in an ecologically responsible way.


All the foods we import complies with the obligations imposed on local farmers. We fight for equalities.

United Hearts, Equal Paths

Our company has been created jointly by African and European members. Together We Rise, Together We Thrive.

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Pure Honey from Guinea

Discover our cold-havervested honey from the mountains of Fouta-Djalon. In a pesticide-free environment.

Edible Shea Butter

Our Shea Butter can be cooked or applied to the skin as a cream. No chemicals are used to produce this butter.

Baobab Powder

This organic powder from the ancestral Baobab tree makes a delicious drink. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

People First, Always

Because we know each other, we work together to succeed. In our world, fair trade is not a label or a concept, but the only way to do business.

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Top quality products

Protect your clients

EU farmers have opted for chemicals to produce food. Guineans have chosen to respect the know-how of their ancestors.
Large groups are trying to break their habits, but thanks to their determination and the worldwide interest in organic food, they are saying no to what is destroying so-called “modern countries”.
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